Asset Manager Channel Launches £270 Million Fintech Lending Strategy!

Investment firm Channel Capital Advisors has launched a $300 million (£270 million) fintech lending strategy to support digital lending platforms. The first tranche of $100 million (£90 million) of the asset manager’s strategy will be immediately allocated to fintech lenders seeking additional capital to fund SMEs.

The U.K.-based firm will initially provide the funding through European and North American lending platforms.

“Investing in our Fintech Lending Fund is a significant step forward for Channel – we will be working closely with other digital platforms to enable SMEs to get loans that are faster, easier and don’t dilute their business,” said Paul Wilson, chief investment officer at Channel.

“The support our fund has received underscores the growing investor interest in fintech lending. It’s also a clear demonstration of investor confidence in Channel’s track record of managing their investments.”

Walter Gontarek, CEO of Channel, added: “We have been relentlessly improving our digital lending capabilities and have exciting developments ahead in this area.”


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