Austrian FinTech Own360 Becomes Sunrise

Founded in 2017, Own360 says it now manages around 15,000 fund custody accounts in Austria. FinTech is now renaming itself Sunrise (website) and wants to tackle the next growth step, for example, a branch office in Berlin. However, the rebranding is not intended to change anything about the concept.

“We have developed from a product provider to a fund management house in recent years. And we still have big plans. Sunrise is the first step,” says founder and CEO Thomas Niss.

Last year, Own360 and Sunrise entered into a cooperation with anlage99 of the Austrian Post. A new advantage program is now relaunched: “Many humans strive for a passive income. This was also communicated to us by our community. And that’s why we share our income from fund management with our investors, who help us to continue growing,” explains anlage99 CEO Martin Foussek.

Accordingly, active investor: inside in the first year, nearly 100% of the incomes Sunrise obtains from an average customer are received. Currently, that’s about 18 euros per connected person. Niss explains: “The community negotiated hard, and we listened and made improvements. That’s how we got an attractive offer together.”


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