Ben Armstrong Accused of Dumping $BEN!

In the dynamic cryptocurrency space, accusations and controversies often take center stage on social media platforms. A recent spat has emerged involving Ben Armstrong, widely recognized as BitBoy in the crypto community, and allegations regarding the dumping of $BEN tokens. As the crypto community seeks clarity, Ben Armstrong took to Twitter to address the allegations head-on.

Allegations Surface

The accusations began to surface on various social media platforms, with a notable emphasis on Twitter. The allegations revolved around Ben Armstrong supposedly moving $BEN tokens to secret wallets and dumping them once they hit retail exchanges. The accusers argue that the token’s value was pumped before hitting popular platforms, only to be sold off, affecting unsuspecting investors adversely.

Ben Armstrong’s Rebuttal

Ben Armstrong, known for his straightforward approach, addressed the accusations on Twitter. In a tweet, he mentioned, “Did not honor his part of the deal. He did not give up all of his Ben. He moved it around to secret wallets and as the screenshot showed earlier… he literally…”​1​. In another tweet, Armstrong voiced his frustration regarding the assumptions people had about him, stating, “The fact people think I could rug $BEN just shows how dumb and blinded by hate people are. I’ve been in this space longer than 99% of CT. I have a public company…”​2​.

Community Reactions

The crypto community on Twitter had mixed reactions to Armstrong’s responses. While some supported Armstrong’s stance, others continued to express skepticism. The dialogue opened a broader discussion on token dumping and the ethical responsibilities of crypto influencers and project heads.

Implications on $BEN

The allegations and the subsequent discourse have brought $BEN under the spotlight. The token experienced fluctuations, reflecting the uncertain sentiment surrounding the accusations and Ben Armstrong’s involvement. It’s a scenario that underlines the volatile nature of the crypto market, especially when influential figures are involved.


The saga between Ben Armstrong and the accusations of $BEN token dumping exemplifies the rapid-fire nature of controversies in the crypto realm. As Ben Armstrong addressed the allegations publicly, the crypto community continues to delve into discussions, seeking transparency and clarity in an ecosystem known for its complexity and volatility. This scenario also underscores the significant impact social media platforms have in shaping narratives within the crypto community.

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