Ben Armstrong’s BEN Token: Bridging Communities Through Unique Tokenomics!

Ben Armstrong, a controversial personality in the crypto space, has introduced a distinctive token named BEN, which is not merely a digital asset but a community-centric initiative. This article delves into the inception, utility, and the unique appeal of the BEN token within the crypto community.


Ben Armstrong, known by many as BitBoy Crypto, has been a prominent figure in the crypto sphere, educating and guiding individuals through his influential platform. His venture into tokenomics with the creation of the BEN token has stirred excitement and intrigue among crypto enthusiasts.

Community-Centric Approach:

The BEN token is not just about financial value; it’s about creating a community. It is intrinsically tied to a “Ben DAO” (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) on Telegram, comprising individuals named Ben. This unique concept underscores the community-driven ethos of the token, enabling a collective of like-minded individuals to engage in crypto discussions and decisions​1​.

Token Launch:

The unveiling of the BEN token was met with enthusiasm as Armstrong announced its launch. The token, bearing his name, is not just a digital asset but a symbol of a communal venture where individuals can invest in themselves, fostering a sense of belonging and collective decision-making within the Ben DAO​2​.

Token Specifications:

As per Etherscan, the BEN token has a total supply of 100,000,000, with a number of 62 holders at the moment. The information regarding its price and other financial metrics is updated on the platform, providing transparency and insight for potential investors​3​.

Market Dynamics:

The endorsement of the BEN token by Armstrong has seen a mixed reaction in the market. Initially, the token garnered attention, but a recent update suggests Armstrong sold his BEN tokens, leading to speculative discussions among traders and investors regarding its future value​4​.


The BEN token embodies a novel approach to community building and engagement within the crypto space. While its market performance may fluctuate, the underlying idea of fostering a unique community tied to a DAO signifies a creative intersection of social interaction and cryptocurrency. As Ben Armstrong continues to be a vanguard in the crypto community, the BEN token remains a testament to innovative tokenomics and community-centric initiatives in the blockchain realm.

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