Bitcoin Mining Chip From Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey Enters Prototype Stage!

Block’s Bitcoin mining chip will make Bitcoin mining easily accessible for individual miners and crypto mining firms.

After resigning as Twitter CEO in 2021, Jack Dorsey shifted his focus toward building Block (website), a Web3-friendly financial services company. Block allegedly completed the prototype design of a 5-nanometer high-performance Bitcoin mining ASIC. The company announced this in an update post on April 28, 2023.

Dorsey’s prototype design showcases a new five-nanometre (5nm) Bitcoin mining chip. Earlier in March, Block had revealed that it aims to build a mining development kit to provide tools capable of increasing accessibility to Bitcoin mining. The kit will provide semiconductor chips as the main component of the ASIC chip. 

Block aims to revolutionize the Bitcoin mining industry with its exclusive chips, demonstrating its ambitious plans. A notable feature of Block‘s progress is its openness. This implies that anyone or any enterprise can leverage its software and programs to test, upgrade, and incorporate them into their own ventures.

This level of accessibility is unavailable with the current leading mining equipment providers in the market. Block is confident that decentralizing bitcoin mining equipment production will ultimately benefit the Bitcoin network and ecosystem.


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