Fraud and Prevention

IShowSpeed Crypto Scam Allegations Explained!

Darren Watkins Jr., also known as IShowSpeed, is a popular YouTuber who has come under a lot of scrutiny in the last few weeks....

How To Find The Best Payment Processor For Your Business!

Finding the best payment service provider (PSP) for your specific needs is critical to the success of your business. You have to provide a secure, reliable, and appropriate payment flow and user experience to your clients. Moreover, you have to trust your payment processor to honestly deal with your funds. While there will be many aspects that are specific to your business, the following are the most important questions we recommend every business ask potential payment service providers.

Fraud-Fighting FinTech Sardine Raises Over $50 Million!

San Francisco-based Sardine (website), a fraud prevention and compliance fintech company, has raised $51.5 million in a Series B funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz's Growth Fund (a16z). Sardine's real-time fraud prevention products help customers reduce fraud in fast money movements such as bank and card payments, digital wallet, and cryptocurrencies.

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