Zimbabwe Central Bank Nears Launch of Gold-Backed CBDC

In a significant move that could have far-reaching implications for the financial landscape of Zimbabwe, the country's central bank is reportedly in the final stages of developing a gold-backed Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Wirecard: Jan Marsalek Reports To The Court With A Message!

After the collapse of Wirecard, ex-CEO Jan Marsalek made a spectacular escape. Since then, there has been speculation about whether he is still alive....

Fintech Silvr Can Broker Up To €200 Million In New Loans Thanks To Citi!

The Paris-based financing intermediary Silvr benefits from solid business with loans for small and medium-sized enterprises. The cooperation is also lucrative for the major US bank Citi. Silvr can broker new loans of up to €200 million. To do so, it is working with US major bank Citigroup and Channel Capital, a manager of alternative investment funds.

Zurich Fintech Sets The Course For Rapid Growth!

The young Swiss fintech Teylor recently raised a three-digit million amount from international investors. The company Teylor is expanding its management team: Andre Cordesmeyer will become Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), and Huy Nguyen Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This is to create the personnel structures for further growth, according to a statement on Tuesday.

Popcorn Entertainment For Short Sellers: Fraser Perring vs Liam Byrne!

Labour MP Liam Byrne has been convicted of bullying a former staffer and will be suspended from the House of Commons for two days.

Court Approves Adler Group’s Restructuring Plan!

The Adler Group rents out thousands of apartments in Germany and is heavily indebted. A UK court has now allowed the Group to restructure its debt by billions despite opposition from some creditors. Among other things, the Group can take on one billion euros in new debt.

German Adler Group On The Brink Of Bankruptcy! Shortseller Strategy Worked!

The German real estate group is on trial in London. Creditors want to see their money. The short-seller Fraser Perring sees fraud allegations confirmed. A group of investment funds wants to prevent the restructuring of the real estate group, which is in debt of around six billion euros.

Countdown To The Stock Market Crash!

Economist Nouriel Roubini, who predicted the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008, wanted to live up to his reputation as a crash prophet, who has already earned the nickname "Dr. Doom" because of his constant doom-mongering and said yesterday that Credit Suisse, whose share price plunge the previous day sent the markets into a panic, could be too big to be saved.

Italy’s Central Bank Chief Is Pissed Off At His Chatty ECB Colleagues!

Italy's central bank chief Ignazio Visco criticizes interest rate comments by his colleagues on the ECB's possible further tightening course after March. He openly criticized his hawkish colleagues for making statements when officials had agreed not to give such guidance.

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