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Law Enforcement Crashed ChipMixer, The World’s Largest Crypto Money Laundering Service!

German and US authorities, supported by Europol, seized Bitcoins worth around $46 million In a coordinated international takedown of ChipMixer, a darknet cryptocurrency “mixing” service responsible for laundering more than $3 billion worth of cryptocurrency since 2017. The service laundered the money from illicit activities, including ransomware, darknet markets, fraud, cryptocurrency heists, and other hacking schemes.

Interpol Scam: A Youtuber Avenges German Victims Of Online Fraud!

The Interpol scam caused damage in Germany and Austria. The fact that suspected backers were caught in India is not only thanks to the police. Threatening-sounding calls caused unrest throughout Germany last year: "Good afternoon, this is Interpol," is heard on the taped announcement in English, which criminals played to their victims. "Your identity is being misused for fraudulent purposes. For more information, please press one." Those who followed the prompt thus set in motion a fraud machine.

Sex Trafficking, Abuse, Fraud: Fugitive “Girls Do Porn” Operator Caught In Spain!

Michael Pratt had absconded from the U.S. in 2019 while a case was ongoing and was among the "top 10" on the FBI's wanted list. X-Mas started earlier this year for the victims of "Girls Do Porn". That's what the lawyer for the 22 plaintiffs who took legal action against the operators of the now-defunct porn site told Motherboard. That's because one of the operators, Michael Pratt, has now been arrested in Spain after years on the run.

EU Corruption Scandal: Eva Kaili’s Pre-Trial Detention Extended Despite Her Partial Confession!

Eva Kaili, the former vice president of the European Parliament admitted to instructing her father to hide large amounts of cash. The Greek member of the European parliament at the center of a cash-for-influence scandal implicating Qatar will remain in jail pending trial, a Belgian court has decided on Thursday. Kaili is one of four people who have been charged with corruption and money laundering in the case.

FTX Case Update: The $250M Bail And The Key Witness Caroline Ellison!

Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the FTX founder and former CEO was extradited to the U.S. from the Bahamas and brought before the court. He was released on $250 million bail. Earlier, his former partners and alleged accomplices in the FTX fraud, Caroline Ellison, and Gary Wang, pleaded guilty and announced their cooperation with U.S. authorities. In addition to the criminal charges, the two U.S. regulators, the CFTC and SEC, have also brought fraud charges against the three.

Green Light For Criminal Proceedings Against Swiss Crypto Special Investigator Marti!

Criminal proceedings may be conducted against Peter Marti, the special investigator in the leak of the federal crypto affair. The Department of Justice and Police (FDJP) has given the go-ahead for this because it cannot be ruled out that the criminal offences Marti is accused of have been committed.

Recap: The Demise Of The Wolf Of Sofia And His Afterlife!

The Israeli Gal Barak and his German partner Uwe Lenhoff were arrested in early 2019. They were the leaders of two closely cooperating international...

International Law Enforcement Operation Power Off Shuts Down DDoS Services!

Europol announced that an international law enforcement campaign called Operation Power Off has shut down approximately fifty of the world's most extensive booter services that allow users to launch crippling distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Law enforcement agencies in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland, and Germany are cracking down on these attacks that can cripple the Internet.

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