Meet Entrepreneur Jo Ann Barefoot!

Jo Ann Barefoot (LinkedIn) wants financial regulation to keep pace with the evolution of technology, which means using innovative technology needs updated regulation around this technology.

Bitcoin Mining Chip From Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey Enters Prototype Stage!

Block's Bitcoin mining chip will make Bitcoin mining easily accessible for individual miners and crypto mining firms. After resigning as Twitter CEO in 2021, Jack Dorsey shifted his focus toward building Block (website), a Web3-friendly financial services company. Block allegedly completed the prototype design of a 5-nanometer high-performance Bitcoin mining ASIC.

Meet Entrepreneur Paul Klansckek And Bitpanda!

In 2014 Paul Klanschek founded with Eric Demuth and Christian Trummer Bitpanda, one of the most popular crypto trading Platforms in Europe!

Deutsche Bank’s Head Of Human Resources Faces A Fine After Buying Bonds!

Michael Ilgner, Deutsche Bank's head of human resources, had bought bonds from his employer shortly before the publication of the quarterly balance sheet. This is against the bank's rules. The institute is investigating the matter.

“Crypto Is Not A Security,” SEC Chair Gary Gensler Told Students!

SEC chief Gary Gensler was not always on a crusade against crypto. An old video even shows him claiming that most crypto assets are commodities. The video circulating on Twitter shows Gary Gensler giving a talk as part of a blockchain course at MIT in 2018. At the time, Gensler was the professor of the graduate course "Blockchain and Money."

Lawsuit Time: Twitter Boss Musk Vows Revenge On Microsoft!

Twitter is removed from another central B2B platform. This time it's one of the biggest companies in the tech industry. Microsoft will remove Twitter from its Microsoft Advertising plan next week, the company announced.

Meet Austrian Entrepreneur Cevdet Caner!

The real estate investor Cevdet Caner is the youngest of seven children of Turkish migrants. He is an Austrian citizen whose family moved to Linz in 1983. He started to study business administration but dropped out when he founded his call center company, Call & Logistics Center (CLC), in 1998.

Karl Von Rohr Turns His Back On Deutsche Bank!

After months of speculation about his future on the Management Board, Christian Sewing's co-head is pulling the ripcord. However, Karl von Rohr will still be a member of the DWS Supervisory Board.

Congressman Introduces Legislation To Fire Gary Gensler!

Congressman Warren Davidson, Ohio’s 8th District in Congress, says he is introducing legislation to fire SEC Chairman Gary Gensler. An Executive Director role will replace the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman, and former chairs of the SEC will be ineligible, the Congressman said.

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