Fraser Perring and the Alleged Voicemail Controversy: A Dive into the Realm of Digital Deception!

In the realm of finance, reputations can be made and shattered within a fleeting moment, especially in the digital age where information, both real...

Unmasking Hindenburg Research: The Harbingers of Corporate Reckoning!

In an era where transparency is heralded, the role of financial watchdogs is crucial. One such vigilante in the financial realm is Hindenburg Research,...

MPW vs Viceroy Research: A Tussle Over Discovery Request Unfolds!

Medical Properties Trust Inc. (MPW) finds itself in a legal tangle with Viceroy Research, with recent developments shining a light on MPW's reluctance towards...

MPW, Infracore, and the Viceroy Research Revelations!

In the complex realm of financial investments, few entities have garnered as much attention as Medical Properties Trust (MPW) and its association with the Swiss entity, Infracore. MPW, with a 70% stake in Infracore's economic interests, has deep ties with this Swiss establishment. The Swiss Medical Network (SMN), predominantly Infracore's tenant, also stands as MPW's fourth-largest tenant on an "adjusted gross asset basis."

Viceroy Research vs. $EBIX: A Deep Dive into the Controversy!

In the ever-evolving financial landscape, investigative research plays a pivotal role in bringing transparency and accountability to corporations. One such entity that has been at the forefront of such investigations is Viceroy Research. Recently, their focus has shifted towards the software and e-commerce services provider, Ebix, Inc. ($EBIX). Here's a comprehensive look into the ongoing saga between Viceroy Research and $EBIX.

Recent Developments Between Viceroy Research and Hexagon!

Over the past few months, Viceroy Research, an investigative financial research group, has released several reports on Hexagon AB, raising serious concerns about the company's business practices and financial integrity.

Uncovering Hidden Risks in Hexagon’s Financials: Viceroy Research Exposes Ongoing Tax Audits Ignored by Analysts!

In a recent report, Viceroy Research shed light on some concerning revelations regarding Hexagon, a prominent aggressive-acquirer in the industry. While conducting a thorough investigation of Hexagon's subsidiaries, Viceroy Research discovered "several ongoing tax audits" being conducted by "local taxing authorities," which had been brought to attention by auditors EY back in 2019. Surprisingly, not a single analyst seemed to have acknowledged the significance of these audits or even questioned their implications.

Viceroy Research Is Going Short On Hexagon Over Fraud Charges!

The short-sellers around Viceroy and Fraser Perring target Hexagon AB (STO: HEXA-B). The multinational technology group for metrology and geoanalytics is controlled by Melker Schörling, the majority shareholder and determining voting shareholder. In a new research, Viceroy Research concludes that Hexagon is run by a "corporate dictatorship." Moreover, Viceroy believes management has committed fraud.

Suspicion Of Balance Sheet Falsification – Raid At Ailing Adler Group!

Financially, the Adler Group is not doing well. The real estate group ends the past year with a loss of billions. Now there are also investigations because of questionable balance sheets and consulting contracts. One hundred seventy-five investigators are searching sites across Europe.

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