Debunking the Myth: BlackRock’s Alleged XRP ETF Revealed as Fabrication!

In a twist befitting the volatile world of cryptocurrency, recent claims of BlackRock, the global asset management giant, launching an XRP exchange-traded fund (ETF) have been debunked, stirring up the crypto community.

The Unfolding of a Misinformation Saga

Initial reports suggested that BlackRock was making strides towards launching an XRP ETF, sparking excitement and a flurry of speculative trading. However, this news was rapidly proven to be false. A BlackRock spokesperson clarified that the alleged regulatory filing hinting at the company’s intention to launch an XRP ETF was, in fact, fictitious​​.

The Impact of the Fabricated Filing

The fake news had a tangible impact on the market, with XRP’s price momentarily surging more than 10% before plummeting back to its pre-rumor levels. This scenario reflects the sensitivity of cryptocurrency markets to news and the rapid response of traders to emerging information, even when unsubstantiated​​.

A Pattern of Deceptive Market Manipulation

This incident is not isolated in the crypto world. Similar manipulative tactics were observed in 2021, where filings in Delaware suggested that Grayscale, another asset manager, was planning to launch trust vehicles for two tokens, which was also untrue. These instances highlight a growing trend of using misinformation to influence crypto prices​​.

Market Reactions and Speculative Dynamics

The swift spread of the BlackRock XRP ETF rumor underscores the power of speculation in the cryptocurrency market. Influential figures and media outlets played a role in amplifying the false filing, inadvertently fueling buying pressure on XRP. However, more cautious observers expressed skepticism from the outset, given BlackRock’s conservative stance in the crypto sector and XRP’s ongoing legal challenges with the SEC​​.

The Bigger Picture in Crypto Trading

This event sheds light on the broader dynamics of cryptocurrency trading, where rumors and misinformation can lead to significant market movements. Unlike Bitcoin and Ether, XRP does not have a substantial regulated futures market in the U.S., adding another layer of complexity and uncertainty to its trading environment​​.


The BlackRock XRP ETF saga serves as a poignant reminder for traders and investors in the cryptocurrency space to exercise due diligence and verify information before making trading decisions. As the crypto market continues to evolve, staying informed and critical of unverified news remains crucial.

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