DeFi-FinTech Kudona Unlocks Attractive Interest Rates For Savings!

With a free savings app and with a web application, the Lithuanian FinTech Kudona (, a subsidiary of the German rubarb GmbH, wants to open the door to the world of decentralized financial markets (DeFi for short) for savers throughout the eurozone. The goal is that even investors without much financial background knowledge should be able to benefit from the future of financial technologies today and earn interest in times characterized by negative interest rates and inflation.

The target group includes private individuals and companies, which are particularly affected by negative interest rates. The application will be easy to use and has a strong focus on the security of customer funds. Savings earn interest daily and can be withdrawn at any time.

Via the Kudona app users can flexibly deposit amounts starting at €500 via bank transfer or set up a standing order in their bank account. They currently receive an annual interest rate of 3.8 percent on their deposit money. The Kudona team generates this by converting the savings into stablecoins and then transferring them as loans to attractively interest-bearing DeFi protocols (via lending, staking, or liquidity mining). Kudona uses the excess interest to cover all operational costs.

Users can withdraw their savings at any time. The interest is credited to the respective customer account several times a day. The concept is therefore similar to that of a call money account – except that it currently yields significantly higher interest.

Kudona is an authorized cryptocurrency exchange and wallet operator in accordance with Lithuanian law. To protect its customers against theft, faulty technology, currency fluctuations of the dollar against the euro, or failure of the stablecoins, Kudona cooperates with leading global providers of FX hedging as well as major insurance companies. “Such hedging and insurance of client funds in innovative financial technologies is unique in the world. In this way, we want to take away as many worries as possible from our customers,” says Kudona founder Fabian Scholz.

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