Dynex Marketplace Launches: Revolutionizing Computing with Neuromorphic Efficiency!

Today marks a historic milestone in the world of digital technology and blockchain as Dynex proudly announces the launch of its much-anticipated Dynex Marketplace. This groundbreaking platform is set to revolutionize the field of computing by offering quantum computing-like efficiency without its limitations.

A Leap in Computing Technology

The Dynex Neuromorphic Computing Cloud has undergone a rigorous year-long building and testing phase, culminating in a successful closed-beta phase with over 25,000 computing jobs performed by dozens of test customers. This innovative platform is now open to AI and machine learning experts, global-2000 companies, healthcare, pharmaceutical, fintech sectors, and science and research bodies.

Unprecedented Performance

Customers who participated in the beta test phase have lauded Dynex’s performance. Weixin Lin from China Unicom, the world’s sixth-largest mobile provider, noted that “Dynex is 867% faster than our local computing.” Similarly, Samer Rahme, CTO of Cali Global, reported, “It took Dynex 1 minute to compute an architectural problem, which usually takes days.” The efficacy of Dynex has been independently validated, with its computing cloud outperforming existing quantum computers by orders of magnitude.

Compatibility and Accessibility

The Dynex Marketplace offers seamless integration with existing frameworks, including a suite of compatible packages with Python, PyTorch, IBM Qiskit, Scikit-learn, D-Wave, and Google Tensorflow. It also provides a repository of ready-to-use templates for computational tasks, making it accessible even for those without expertise in quantum or neuromorphic specific computations.

A New Ecosystem for Computing

This launch opens up new avenues for the Dynex ecosystem participants to generate income. With the right expertise, individuals can offer ready-to-use templates on the marketplace and work as community experts on customer jobs. The platform operates on a “free & pay per use” model, allowing users to sample computing problems on local machines for free, mostly intended for prototyping and testing of code.

Empowering GPU Workers

Workers contributing GPU power to the Dynex network receive increased block rewards, as customer payments for compute are added as transaction fees. This makes the Dynex token a true utility, independent from new block mining rewards throughout the ecosystem’s lifetime.

About Dynex

Dynex stands at the forefront of technological evolution, employing neuromorphic annealing to solve discrete optimization, sampling, and machine learning problems. The platform diverges from traditional computing methodologies, capitalizing on the inherent tendencies of real-world physical systems to seek out low-energy states.


The launch of the Dynex Marketplace is a testament to passion, perseverance, and the incredible power of community collaboration. It marks a new chapter in computing, offering unprecedented efficiency and accessibility. As Dynex continues to forge a brighter future through cutting-edge technology, the digital world eagerly anticipates the transformative impact of this neuromorphic computing platform.

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