Financial Management From Berlin: How Fintech Platform Moss Works!

Transforming financial management for midsize companies is the declared goal of fintech platform Moss (website). With smart corporate credit cards, the Berlin-based company offers new ways to manage expenses. Organizing a corporate credit card with a sufficient limit as a start-up is one of the main challenges for founders. Because without a credit history, this can be difficult but Moss has a solution.

Ante Spittler, Anton Rummel, Ferdinand Meyer, and Stephan Haslebacher came up with a solution in 2015 and established Moss. Clients can connect existing business bank accounts to Moss and create unlimited physical and virtual corporate cards for all types of expenses, merchants, and teams. Track expenses in real-time.

An innovative corporate credit card that supports the expense management of start-ups and opens up new financial management options for established medium-sized companies. Customers can unite and manage their payments, financial processes, and cash flow on the corporate platform.


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