German FinTech Anybill Declares War On Receipt Trash!

Anybill (website) wants to be the interface between retailers, POS system operators, and end customers by creating digital receipts and fighting the immense amount of thermal paper waste. The FinTech has secured two new sponsors to put the plan into action. It says Anybill’s technology and partner network will enable merchants of all industry sizes to issue receipts directly at the checkout digitally.

Customers could save and manage their digital receipts on their smartphones. The fintech acts as a technical enabler and enables digital receipts to be used as an embedded service in third-party applications such as banking or retailer apps via SDK modules. The solution is available to all merchants as SaaS. To advance its planned growth, anybill has received additional funding, extending the seed funding total to €5 million.

Anybill stated its goal is to deliver a digital receipt for every payment – in merchant apps, wallets, banking and payment apps, or without an app – wherever digital receipts are expected and needed. In doing so, the company wants to close a gap in the existing (payment) infrastructure and act as a platform for all stakeholders. One of the most essential components of large-scale coverage is the partner network. Eighteen new software partners have already been acquired by Anybill within the past seven months, thus further expanding the ecosystem.

“The partners we have gained on the software and investor side bring us a significant step closer to our goal as an enabler for the issuance, acceptance and further processing of digital shopping receipts. We firmly believe that the digital receipt will be the ‘new normal in the future, and we can bring this about with strong partnerships and our advanced technologies.”- Lea Frank, CEO of Anybill.


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