FinTech Ledgy Receives $22 Million In A Series B Round!

Ledgy (website) wants to remove equity management’s headache for startups. Ledgy aims to help start-up entrepreneurs with their services. It just closed a $22 million Series B funding round. While CEO and co-founder Yoko Spirig declined to share the fintech startup’s new valuation after the round, he said Ledgy achieved a “significantly higher” valuation than in our Series A last year.

Founding a startup is hard. You have to have the right idea, fit the market, and be able to find top talent to develop your product. The last point can be particularly tricky, as smaller startups compete for the best with established companies with larger budgets. Many budding companies overcome this challenge by offering new employees a stake in the company, with shares becoming more valuable the more successful the company is.

However, this creates another complex and potentially painful hurdle for startups: complying with local regulations as the company grows.

“After all, in Europe alone, there are 30 different rules and regulations that govern how you offer ownership shares to employees,” Yoko Spirig, CEO and co-founder of equity management startup Ledgy.


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