FinTelegram Issued Whistleblower Request Regarding Lithuanian Crypto Processor Mirhax!

Lithuanian crypto payment processor Mirhax recently came to our attention as a payment facilitator at the BBanc broker scam (report here). The potential BBanc victims were offered on the scam’s payment page to buy cryptos via credit or debit card using Mirhax. These are then transferred to the BBanc scammers’ wallets. The BBanc victims are directed to the Mirhax payment page via a referral link. It does not seem to be a deep integration. FinTelegram wants to know more about Mirhax and the related Conivix scheme.

According to FinTelegram, Mirhax and Conivix use identical patterns and texts on their websites and in the source code. For example, the source code of Conivix contains a Mirhax email address. In this respect, the two crypto payment processors are obviously connected somehow. Maybe only via the same website programmer.

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