Five Brand New FinTech Startups We’re Keeping An Eye On!

It’s time for new startups again! Here are some very young FinTech startups that everyone should know about. Today we are featuring the following young companies: Kapnative, Pyne, DeReg, Sinpex, and Vermögensheld.

Hamburg-based Kapnative, founded by Philipp Hemmersbach and Ben Auld, is a “private market asset marketplace for wealth managers.” Its target audience is “wealth managers, fee-based advisors and private banks.”

With Berlin-based FinTech Pyne, Tevfik Aloglu, Joaquin Perrone and Roman Geugelin aim to establish a “B2B Revenue Operating System.” The motto is “bridging the gap between revenue planning and execution to help scale-ups beat their targets.”

DeReg from Munich takes care of the security in Decentralized Finance. “Our General Purpose Circuit Breaker (GCB) separates and delays asset withdrawals from your contract’s business logic. This allows you to monitor and intervene before the hacker escapes with your assets,” shares the team led by founders Dimitri Dumonet and Philippe Dumonet.

Sinpex, a startup based in Munich, Germany, aims to reduce the “manual effort required to collect and check compliance-relevant data.” “In addition, the technology increases accuracy in the legitimation of business relationships,” shares the startup founded by Camillo Werdich and Jannik Metzner.

Founded by Daniel Walther and Christian Landgrebe, Bad Vilbel-based FinTech Vermögensheld aims to establish itself as an “innovative and playful financial app.” “With just one multi-banking app, you can manage your monthly budget, visualize your assets, and uncover savings potential and hedging deficits,” the team shares.


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