Founders Alert: Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes To Face Prison Sentence!

Her start-up Theranos promised a revolution in blood testing, but Elizabeth Holmes was convicted of being a fraud. Now she will probably have to serve her more than eleven-year prison sentence, although her appeal is still pending.

Elizabeth Holmes became a mother again just a few weeks ago, but that probably can’t save the start-up founder convicted of fraud from her prison sentence. The 39-year-old has failed to spare her from jail until a court of the second instance has reviewed the sentence.

In an 11-page decision, U.S. District Judge Edward Davila concluded that it was inappropriate for Holmes to remain free on bail. The judge’s decision means Holmes must now face authorities on April 27 to begin serving her more than an 11-year sentence imposed on her in November. Prosecutors at the time had sought more than 15 years in prison – and more than $800 million in restitution.


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