French FinTech Silvr Expands To Germany And Cooperates With DFKP!

Silvr (website), founded in 2020, is preparing its market entry in Germany. To this end, it will in future cooperate with DFKP, an intermediary for corporate financing in Germany. The common goal: is to make raising capital for digital companies even easier and more accessible in the future. This should be good news for SMEs because cash flow optimization is crucial for companies in the current market situation between recession and rising interest rates.

The Paris-based company uses AI-powered analytics to forecast the company’s future business performance. This should make it possible to make commitments on financing within 24 hours.

Deutsche Firmenkredit Partner (DFKP) has financed small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Germany since 2019. According to the company’s information, DFKP financing advisors have access to financing products from more than 100 banks and specialist financiers.

“In the future, silvr will receive pre-screened financing requests from our corporate financing platform; in return, we will expand our range of services to include a financing solution specialized for growth companies,” Paul Weber, Chairman of the Management Board of DFKP, explains the future cooperation. For silvr, these steps are the first in Germany as it seeks to establish itself in the local market in the long term.

DFKP founder Paul Weber once helped build up Fincompare’s business in the background as CCO, but left the company after a good 2.5 years to set up his own fintech company for corporate loans under the name DFKP, thus virtually acting as a competitor to his former employer.

The cooperation with Silvr is the second time DFKP has drawn attention to itself in a few weeks. Recently, we reported that it had connected ING Deutschland, the first central bank, to its proprietary banking API, aiming to receive pre-screened inquiries from DFKP’s financial advisory service directly into its credit analysis within seconds. Incidentally, ING invested early on in Fincompare, which has also been connecting ING Deutschland via an interface for a few days.


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