Green Technology – Flagship Founders Launches Zero44 from

Company builder Flagship Founders has spun off its third startup, Zero44. The startup measures the CO2 emissions of ships and provides recommendations on how shipping companies can optimize their processes to be as low-emission as possible. The Berlin-based start-up is headed by co-founders Friederike Hesse and Nils Obermann. Zero44 aims to help shipping companies reduce their CO2 emissions.

The startup has developed a digital solution that recommends shipping companies based on measured CO2 emissions. It calculates the costs and economic impact of decisions, suggesting optional shipping routes. The startup also includes in its recommendations whether it makes financial sense for a company to pay a premium for higher CO2 emissions. Currently, Zero44 is still in the product development phase and is building its team and customer relationships. The startup says it plans to launch the software this year.

Zero44‘s offer may come at the right time: From 2023, stricter climate protection regulations will come into force that rate ships according to their CO2 efficiency. Operators will then have to submit concrete plans to reduce CO2 emissions for vessels with poor ratings. In addition, EU emissions trading could soon be extended to shipping. Shipping companies would then have to purchase CO2 certificates to offset their emissions in European waters. This could increase operating costs for shipping companies.

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