Huawei Releases Digital Banking 2.0 Solution With Temenos Platform

At the Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2022, Chinese Huawei introduced the Digital Banking 2.0 solution, which leverages Temenos‘ open platform, and spoke with customers and top financial industry partners about how to build a cloud-native architecture to achieve business agility and industry innovation.

During the summit, Huawei introduced the Digital Banking 2.0 solution that uses the Temenos open platform. This new digital banking solution is upgraded and leverages the Temenos open platform for composable banking to provide cloud-native core banking functions and data capabilities. The solution supports the rapid adoption of digital banking and helps larger banks accelerate their modernization in the cloud. This significantly improves time-to-market efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Digital Banking 2.0 solution enables rapid service integration and deployment based on a cloud-native architecture that delivers core banking capabilities to banks. The solution has the following key capabilities:

Pre-integrated: Certified with Temenos and other industry partners, the solution provides a complete and comprehensive digital banking functionality for customers in various business scenarios, such as retail, corporate, Islamic banking, etc.

Agile: The solution provides composable banking services that enable the development and iteration of new services through simple composition. At the same time, the cloud-native system is highly scalable and cost-effective, requiring less initial investment.

Open: The platform provides open APIs for third-party invocation and integration. It enriches the ecosystem and supports more business scenarios. All this leads to improved system operational efficiency and user satisfaction.


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