i2 Group: Swiss FinTech Simplifies Management Of Private Debt Investments!

The private debt sector is booming. Private debt refers to loans that banks do not grant. In 2021, the volume reached USD 1,187 billion, a fourfold increase in ten years. The reason for this is the growing interest of institutional and private investors in attractive alternatives to the usual fixed-interest investments.

However, managing a large number of such loans is a task that takes time to do with Excel and is prone to errors. This presents a challenging task for asset managers who have already launched investment products or would like to do so. i2 Group solves this with its software, which four asset managers already use. Since its launch, i2 Group has already invested in over 500,000 different loans. If desired, the fintech takes over the structuring of various investment vehicles (notes, bonds or alternative investment funds) with its structure or with partners.

The i2 Group acts as a link between institutional investors on the one hand and lending platforms such as Lend.ch, Cashare, etc. or companies with rapidly growing financing needs on the other. The purposes for which the loans are used are surprisingly diverse.


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