Introducing Brazilian FinTech Influencer Bruno Diniz

The Brazilian fintech consultant Bruno Diniz is a co-founder of Spiralem; a consulting firm focused on innovation for the financial market. He is a professor at “Global Digital Finance,” an international program by FDC and CKGSB Americas. Moreover, Bruno is a best-selling author on financial innovation and open banking.

In 2016, Bruno Diniz was named Brazil’s most influential person in the fintech segment by the European portal INVYO Insights. In 2019, he published his book “O Fenômeno Fintech,” the first book on fintech by a Brazilian author, published by Alta Books.

Bruno Diniz has a lasting impact on decision-makers as a financial influencer through his social media channels. More than 16,000 people follow him on LinkedIn and more than 14,000 on Instagram.

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