Introducing Payvision Founder Rudolf Booker!

The Dutch Rudolf Booker was the founder and CEO of Payvision, an Amsterdam-based paytech. He was born on March 25, 1975. His father is a real estate investor based in Amsterdam. His mother is remarried to real estate billionaire Frits Goldschmeding with a net worth of $ 5.6 billion, according to Forbes.

Payvision was a regulated payment processor notorious for facilitating high-risk merchants and scams. At its peak, the company had more than 250 employees. In 2018, Netherlands-based ING Bank acquired Payvision for an estimated €400 million.

ING likely did poor due diligence, as it appears the bank was unaware that Payvision clients were primarily involved in ethically questionable industries such as porn or gambling or – like Gal Barack and Uwe Lenhoff – were the operators of fraudulent investment scams. In any case, ING has already announced the closure of Payvision at the end of 2021. Currently, Payvision is facing lawsuits from scam victims.

Currently, the prosecutor Rudolf Booker in Amsterdam is investigating allegations of money laundering in connection with Payvision.

Although he is regarded as a disgraced fintech entrepreneur, Booker’s estimated net worth is around S200 million. He is known for his lavish lifestyle and his fondness for Ferraris, yachts, private jet, and expensive watches.

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