Introducing The Australian Crypto King Fred Schebesta!

The Australien Fred Schebesta (LinkedIn) has been called the country’s Crypto King. He is the founder of financial comparison site and the crypto broker HiveEX. In August 2020 Schebesta sold HiveEx to FTX for $300.000. Schebesta is also Finder Earn also massively involved in the Crypto segment. The Finder Earn program offers investors a fixed rate of return on their crypto investments.

Schebsta is also the co-founder of the Hive Empire Capital (website), a blockchain investment fund with a focus toward DeFi, gaming and creator economy projects.

However, the crypto crisis has also hit Fred Schebesta and brought him hefty losses. In August, as Sier reported, Schebesta mused on Instagram: “In the recent Luna crash I lost quite a lot of money from that. I was not feeling good about it, I was even questioning my ability to invest in crypto.”

In June, Schebesta announced on Instagram he was thinking about selling his apartment – not to meet margin calls, as crypto investors around the world were doing, but to buy more bitcoin. He finally sold his luxury apartment in Sydney for A$ 4.7 million.

We can wish Fred Schebesta has a better fate than US Crypto King Sam Bankman-Fried who lost his fortune after his FTX went bankrupt and became one of the most hated people in the crypto and Twitter scene.


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