JJ Entertainment Wants To Acquire FinTech Handcheque!

JJ Entertainment SE, listed on the Direct Market (MTF) of the Vienna Stock Exchange, is negotiating the takeover of Vienna-based handcheque GmbH, fintech offering a wallet solution. JJ Entertainment SE’s intends to focus on capital market-related advisory services for companies and their shareholders in raising equity and debt capital via the capital market as well as the issuance of digitalized securities and the holding, management, and exploitation of company shares in subsidiaries.

Handcheque is an Austrian fintech developing a payment system that takes card payments to the next evolutionary level. The technology allows users to store multiple payment cards, loyalty cards and crypto accounts on a single credit card equipped with a touch screen and supported by an accompanying app. Among other things, it is still possible to change the payment method after weeks of the card transaction.


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