Meet Entrepreneur Paul Klansckek And Bitpanda!

In 2014 Paul Klanschek (LinkedIn) founded with Eric Demuth and Christian Trummer Bitpanda, one of the most popular crypto trading Platforms in Europe!

The Carinthian began to deal with cryptocurrencies as early as 2010. Klanschek stated that It was quiet difficult to buy Bitcoins in Europe at that time. But at that time there were already several cryptocurrency Trading Platforms in America, so they planned to do the same in Austria, said and done, in October 2014, Bitpanda was founded in Austria  by Klanschek (CEO), Eric Demuth (CEO) and Christian Trummer (CTO). 

Since then, Bitpanda has developed into one of the most successful trading platforms for cryptocurrencies in Europe. Currently, the company employs 700 peopleand has about four million users.

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