Merchant Warning: OpenUp Works With Paid Trustpilot Reviews!

Currently, the high-risk payment processor OpenUp.Finance is experiencing problems. Existing and former employees have contacted FinTelegram and provided insider information. We have thus been able to confirm that the notorious British-Indian payment veteran Ruchi Rathor is one of the beneficial owners. On July 26, 2022, OpenUp announced the separation of three employees in a LinkedIn posting. Insiders also informed us about Trustpilot manipulations. Thus, employees receive a bonus of $5 if they organize positive reviews.

We already know from several insiders and other projects of Ruchi Rathor and friends like iPayTotal, Paypound, Neobanq, or OctaPay that fake LinkedIn profiles are used, and Trustpilot reviews are manipulated. In this respect, this is no surprise. These are their tools to conceal their identities.

We warn merchants when considering working with OpenUp.Finance, Paypound, or other high-risk processors from the iPayTotal Group environment. You should be extremely careful when working with these people. Otherwise, you risk losing your money.

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