Munich-Based FinTech Beatvest Secured Seed Funding!

The Munich-based fintech wealtch accumulation provider Beatvest secured a new investment of €1.3 million. Early-stage VC Neosfer, which belongs to Commerzbank, the Berlin-based joint VC of Axel Springer and Porsche, APX, and Sino AG, an online broker from Düsseldorf, participated in the seed round. N26 founder Maximilian Tayenthal is also one of the investors.

Behind Beatvest are the two founders, Julia Kruslin (28) and Sophie Thurner (31). With their app, the Munich-based women want to support beginners in investing – from the first steps in investing to building up a securities account for retirement provision. Users go through various learning modules, for example, on ETFs and government bonds. Each of the modules is designed to last three minutes. Beginners can also make their first investments using a fictitious securities account.

Beatvest founder Julia Kruslin does not believe that interest in stocks and ETFs could wane due to higher interest rates. “The opposite is the case: because of high inflation, financial education is more important than ever to effectively protect oneself for old age,” stated the entrepreneur. In recent months, the app has been tested with more than a hundred users. The response has been positive. Since its launch at the end of December, the application has received an average of five stars in the App Store – with just ten ratings.


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