New Payment System Enza Launches In Africa!

The African fintech Enza has launched its platform. The fintech provides a token-based, cloud-native, and API-first platform with a focus on providing the richest possible API environment for easy integration. According to McKinsey, the electronic payments market in Africa is expected to grow by about 150% between 2020 and 2025.

Hany Fekry (LinkedIn), CEO of Enza, says, “We created Enza because so many payment challenges remain unresolved on the African continent.”

“Our focus is on creating a seamless digital fabric between payments channels, systems, and integrations so that Enza can give its customers access to everything they need, even if we don’t offer the service natively.”

Enza will open a new office in Cairo, Egypt, later this month and has recruited a board of directors with “considerable experience” in banking, payments and the African continent.


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