Payback Kicks Out N26

Payback users can usually convert their points into money. This is done via SEPA transfer to a checking account. However, this is currently no longer possible at N26, as “Mobiflip” reports.

If an N26 IBAN is stored, users only receive the message “Please check the IBAN entered”. Until recently, the function was also available for N26 accounts.

It is not yet known why N26 was excluded. For financial service providers as well as business accounts, custody accounts or accounts of securities transactions, the option to convert Payback points into money is generally not available.

Among others, PayPal, Wirecard, TradeRepublic Bank GmbH or solarisBank AG are already excluded. However, N26 is not a pure financial service provider, but a bank. This should therefore not be the reason. A statement from Payback or N26 is not yet available.

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