PayTech Platform Ping Receives $15 Million!

Ping (website), a global payment platform for freelancers and contractors, has received $15 million in a seed funding round. Investors participated in the round, including Y-Combinator, Race Capital, Signum Capital, Goat Capital, Danhua Capital, and BlockTower. The company claims it is now THE global solution for remote workers, contractors, and freelancers.

Ping says its platform allows any individual, organization, or business to instantly create a free international account in U.S. dollars and receive bank transfers – either in their foreign currency or cryptocurrency.

Ping’s invoicing system is embedded in the platform, which allows users to send invoices directly to their employers. In addition, users can buy and receive cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin through Ping.

The funds will be used to advance further and expand the company’s platform to allow digital nomads to be paid in dollars or cryptocurrencies and convert their salaries into local currencies. The investment will also expand the team and hire marketing and sales staff.

Pablo Orlando, CEO and co-founder of Ping, said, “Ping is the perfect solution for freelancers to get paid and for gig economy platforms like Braintrust, and Upwork to offer to their users.

“We’ve created a platform that ultimately helps democratize access to better-paying jobs done remotely. Ping allows freelancers and contractors worldwide to see the opportunity to earn in dollars and save in an account in the U.S. as the highest dream possible.”


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