Sebastian Kurz’s Financial Triumph: Nearly Two Million Euros in Profit Post-Political Career!

Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has garnered significant financial success following his departure from politics in late 2021, notably achieving a profit nearing two million euros within a year. The details emerged as the first financial statement of his company, SK Management GmbH, became publicly available, reflecting a prosperous venture into the business realm post his political tenure.

Business Endeavor

Sebastian Kurz established SK Management GmbH in January 2022. By the close of the year, the firm reported a notable balance sheet profit of 1.924 million euros, with a cash balance of 1.153 million euros and liabilities amounting to 196,639 euros​1​. This successful venture underscores the ability of former political figures to navigate the commercial landscape effectively.

A New Chapter

Following his resignation amidst allegations of perjury before a parliamentary inquiry committee, Kurz transitioned into the business sector, clearly with a prosperous outset. The financial success not only marks a positive beginning for Kurz’s business endeavors but also signifies a smooth transition from a political to a commercial role, showcasing a diversified skill set.

A Closer Look at SK Management GmbH

The specifics of the operations and business model of SK Management GmbH have not been detailed extensively in the public domain. However, the impressive financial performance in its inaugural year indicates a well-structured business strategy and potentially a proficient team steering the company towards financial growth.

Reactions and Future Prospects

The disclosure of such substantial profits may elicit mixed reactions from different quarters considering Kurz’s political past. Moreover, this financial success might prompt other politicians contemplating a shift towards the commercial sector, viewing Kurz’s transition as a blueprint for post-political career prosperity.


Sebastian Kurz’s near two-million-euro profit underscores a triumphant transition from political life to the business realm. It will be intriguing to observe how this initial success unfolds in the long term, and whether it paves the way for further business ventures or collaborations in the future. This scenario also casts a spotlight on the potential lucrative pathways that former politicians can embark on post their political careers, thereby opening up discussions on the multifaceted career trajectories of political figures.

The financial details of Sebastian Kurz’s business venture provide a glimpse into the lucrative opportunities awaiting politicians post their tenure, potentially setting a precedent for others to follow suit.

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