Token Profile: Terra ($LUNA)

Disclaimer: This profile is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice.

Basic Information:

  • Token Name: Terra ($LUNA)
  • Current Price: Approximately $0.46 – $0.47 USD​​​​.
  • Market Ranking: As of the latest data, $LUNA is ranked around No. 123 – 131 in the global crypto ecosystem​​​​.

Market Analysis:

  • Market Capitalization: The current market capitalization of Terra is around 567 million to over 267 million USD, indicating its significant presence in the crypto market​​​​.
  • Circulation Supply: The circulating supply of $LUNA is about 260 million USD, with a total supply of over 1 billion LUNA tokens​​​​.
  • Recent Market Performance: Terra has seen a price increase of approximately $0.01 in the past 24 hours, although it has experienced a decrease of 0.61% in the same period​​​​.
  • Historical Price Movements: The price of $LUNA reached $2.17 earlier in the year but has since seen a decline​​.

Price Analysis and Predictions:

  • Short-Term Forecast: In the next month, the price of $LUNA is expected to decrease by about 10.02%, potentially reaching around $0.484911​​.
  • Mid-Term Outlook: Over the next six months, $LUNA’s price is forecasted to increase by approximately 62.21%, potentially reaching $0.714916​​.
  • Recent Price Peak: $LUNA recently peaked at around $0.878, testing significant resistance levels​​.
  • Volatility Insight: Given its recent overbought status, there is a possibility of a price drop to test the support level at $0.742 unless it breaks through the current resistance level​​.

Project Purpose and Team:

  • Use Cases: $LUNA is designed to support Terra’s stablecoin ecosystem and enable decentralized governance in the Terra network.
  • Team Background: The Terra team is known for its expertise in blockchain technology and financial services, although specific team member details and their backgrounds should be researched for a more comprehensive understanding.


This profile provides a snapshot of Terra ($LUNA) based on the latest market data and predictions. However, the crypto market is highly volatile, and thus, potential investors and interested parties should conduct thorough research and stay updated on the latest developments for informed decision-making.

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