WOO Network Joins The FinTech Poland Ecosystem!

In recognition of Poland’s role in the advancement and innovation of digital assets in the European Union, WOO Network has joined the FinTech Poland ecosystem, which aims to share critical insights into the innovative, secure and responsible crypto asset market in the country.

Poland is among the top ten European countries in terms of the percentage of the population with crypto wallets. More than one million people, or 2.8% of the Polish population, have crypto wallets.

The FinTech Poland ecosystem initiative aims to accelerate community building by organizing meetings, working groups, and jointly hosted seminars and conferences.

“Recently, the crypto-asset market has seen very dynamic development. Companies and financial institutions worldwide are increasingly interested in this asset class and the business opportunities that blockchain technology holds. In parallel, the European Union decided to pioneer global efforts regarding a legal framework for crypto assets by creating the MICA regulation. As a result, cryptocurrencies are becoming part of the global financial sector. Therefore, it is vital when companies experienced in the crypto-asset market, such as WOO Network, participate in our ecosystem. Their experience will be precious in creating a competitive and innovative, but also secure and responsible crypto-asset market in Poland,” said Paweł Widawski, CEO of FinTech Poland.

FinTech Poland is also a founding member of the European Digital Finance Association (EDFA), a non-profit independent industry association of 15 EU ecosystems representing 1000 members, all working with policymakers to ensure a thriving single market and the competitiveness of EU businesses.


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