Introducing FinTech Influencer Of The Year Madame Moneypenny

Natascha Wegelin (Twitter) a/k/a Madame Moneypenny is a German blogger, author and entrepreneur. When Natascha couldn’t find a job after her business studies, she founded her first company, the portal, with a fellow student at age 26. She sold part of this company to ImmobilienScout24 in April 2017.

Wegelin is known for her financial podcast, blog Madame Moneypenny (website), and a non-fiction book on economic independence for women. She founded Madame Moneypenny in 2015 to help women become financially empowered. Thus, she provides women advice on finance and retirement planning. Among other things, she advocates the 3-account model for couples, which consists of a joint account, a separate account for pocket money, and investments in ETFs.

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