Crypto Lending

Crypto Brokerage Genesis Needs $500 Million In Funding!

Broker Genesis is struggling to raise fresh money for its credit division and is warning potential investors that the company may have to file...

BlockFi Facing Insolvency

After the bankruptcy of FTX, BlockFi is also facing bankruptcy. Payouts were already stopped last week. The bankruptcy of crypto exchange FTX has sent shockwaves...

The High-Risk Bet Of Crypto Lender Celsius Network!

The crypto lending giant Celsius Network LLC is one of the highest-profile victims of the dawning Crypto Winter. On 12 June 2022, the company froze all withdrawals. Last week, rival lender BlockFi said it had struck a deal for a $250 million line of credit from a crypto exchange amid concerns by its own depositors. Financial services titan Goldman Sachs is reportedly raising $2 billion to purchase discounted assets from Celsius.

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