Forget The U.S. Fed; Hong Kong And China Will Initiate The Next Crypto Bull Market!

In early 2023, many crypto experts predicted that a move by the U.S. Federal Reserve (FED) to lift the U.S. debt limit could trigger the next big crypto bull run. As the U.S. ramps up regulatory pressure on cryptocurrencies, China has become the likely bull market leader.

All attention is focused on the East, once the primary source of the bull market in the crypto market. As the bull market approaches, Tradecurve has emerged among several cryptocurrencies as a project that could benefit significantly from the bull market that China would trigger.

China was once the most significant cryptocurrency market until 2023, when the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) banned banks from processing Bitcoin-related transactions. In 2017, China banned initial crypto coin offerings, followed by crypto trading and mining in 2021, but recent signs suggest that China may soon re-enter the cryptocurrency market.

Following China’s embrace of blockchain technology, Hong Kong, China’s particular administrative region, has established a regulatory framework for digital assets to become a crypto hub. Many crypto experts believe China is watching the scenes in Hong Kong and may change its hostile policy toward cryptocurrencies. China is also considering a stimulus package to revive its second-largest economy.

The possibility of China’s 1.4 billion-plus population returning to cryptocurrencies is more than enough incentive to start the next crypto bull run. NiHao, a project backed by the Chinese community, saw its price rise 40,000% in one day. Experts believe China’s return will trigger one of the biggest bull markets in the crypto market.

The excitement over China’s return to cryptocurrency has led to several bullish predictions for the crypto market. Still, few projects are as strategically positioned as Tradecurve to capitalize on a bull market.

Amid the current crackdown on centralized exchanges (CEXs), it has been predicted that new crypto transaction volumes will shift to more unique hybrid businesses like Tradecurve.

Unlike CEXs like Binance and Coinbase, Tradecurve emphasizes enhanced privacy and control over their assets. Traders do not have to fill out KYC forms when opening an account.

Since the platform does not require users to provide extensive personal information, users can trade their accounts anonymously from anywhere in the world without restrictions.
Crypto market experts have predicted that this approach to protecting user data will earn Tradecurve a lot of trust in the emerging Chinese market.

For transparency and to boost user confidence, Tradecurve will also implement its own industry-leading Proof of Reserves (PoR) infrastructure.

Like most crypto exchanges, Tradecurve also has a utility token, TCRV, that powers the ecosystem. TCRV holders receive.


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