FinTech Atlantic Money Praises The “Great Work” Of Wise, Revolut, And PayPal – And Wants To Acquire Them!

Wise, Revolut & Co have made a name for themselves with low fees for foreign transfers. Atlantic Money (website) says: We can do it better and much cheaper. The founders of FinTech Atlantic Money do not lack self-confidence and aim to surpass their competition.

Patrick Kavanagh and Neeraj Baid (pictured above) are addressing a design flaw in the concept of their competitors, want to sweep them out of the market in the area of international money transfers, or at least relegate them to the back seats, and they believe: we can do it more manageable, better and much cheaper.

Their self-confidence is no coincidence. The two founders were Robinhood’s first employees and helped build the American neo-broker. They, therefore, know-how startups and FinTech work. And they also know that full-bodied promises must be delivered compelling and verifiable so that interest can be converted into sustainable success.


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