Munich-Based FinTech Startup Pigtie Receives Six-Figure Pre-Seed Investment!

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Pigtie (website) receives its first investment from business angels for its vision to become the financial home of Generation Z and all generations to come. The startup is developing a holistic financial platform that empowers its user’s to take their finances into their own hands. The Munich-based FinTech startup was founded in 2020 by Maximilian Klinke and Christian Maksymiw.

In March 2021, their app went online for the first time. Since then, it has convinced several thousand users with its micro-investing approach via rounding up. So far, Pigtie has financed itself through funding programs and its initial sales.

Pigtie is a smartphone app for iOS and Android that empowers people to take their finances into their own hands and raise a six-figure pre-seed investment. Several well-known business angels with finance and FinTech backgrounds are investing in the startup. The new capital will be used primarily for the further development of the app. The team’s big vision is to become a lifelong companion for its users’ personal finances. In addition, the investment will be used to expand the Pigtie community.

From micro-investing tools to holistic financial platform

With Pigtie, users can quickly start investing and take personal finances into their own hands. “Our target group is students and young professionals between 18 and 32. Regardless of age, however, Pigtie helps everyone who wants to finally implement their financial planning in a contemporary and independent manner,” explains CEO and co-founder Maximilian Klinke. Pigtie is a gateway, concrete savings tool and knowledge platform for individual financial planning.

So far, the app has been particularly convincing with its intuitive and free round-up service. This micro-investing tool effortlessly introduces users to the world of capital markets by regularly investing penny amounts. Pigtie Lessons,” a knowledge platform integrated into the app, helps users become financial professionals step by step. Currently, users can integrate existing bank accounts in the app and open a new one or connect to an existing deposit account. In the future, Pigtie aims to enable a holistic financial overview in the app and thus provide a “financial home” for users.


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