Updated Article – Fraser Perring Voicemail Saga!

The financial realm often serves as a battleground for intense confrontations and vehement attacks on the reputations of individuals and enterprises. Recent events surrounding Viceroy Research and its co-founder Fraser Perring shed light on the dark facets of this sector.

As reported to PayNews42 by Gabe Bernade from Viceroy Research, the firm is currently experiencing a coordinated attack campaign by unidentified actors, threatening not only their professional reputation but also their personal safety.

An Orchestrated Attack on Viceroy Research

The attacks range from the disclosure of personal address information to targeted attempts to undermine the professional credibility of Viceroy Research. A particularly disturbing development is the recently surfaced voicemail allegedly from Fraser Perring, labeling HH Shaykh Tahnoon bin Zayed Al Nahyan as a “puppet of Israel.” Perring has vehemently denied this voicemail, stressing that law enforcement agencies in both the UAE and the United Kingdom are investigating the matter.

PayNews42 Statement

PayNews42 has a certain acquaintance with Fraser Perring and, based on our assessment, the voice in the voicemail does not match his. Moreover, the recording shows no emotions, which is untypical for Perring but typical for audio files generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). We condemn any form of violence-glorifying behavior and want to emphasize that the disclosure of personal information is a severe invasion of privacy that carries serious security risks.

The Dark Side of Unveiling Financial Scandals

The work of Viceroy Research, especially the uncovering of financial scandals and fraud cases, has made the firm and its founders targets for attacks. It’s a sad reality that those advocating for transparency and accountability often face serious threats.


The recent attacks on Viceroy Research underline the necessity for enhanced protection for whistleblowers and investigative financial analysts. In a world where truth often is uncomfortable, those advocating for enlightenment and transparency need to be better protected to continue their crucial work.

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